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DL & Associates understands that sometimes there is an action that you want to perform that a program in QuickBooks Enterprise may not. DLA knows that when there is a will, there is a way. We will take the time to understand the task or function that your business needs and will find a way to add on a program to your QuickBooks Enterprise software. These QuickBooks Enterprise custom add-ons are 100% custom-made for the purpose of fitting your company’s needs. This can involve using one of the various languages such as SQL or C#. As a QuickBooks Enterprise user, you may need to have a function that involves sending parts your database in some way for a report or simply from one area to another.

To give an example of a custom QuickBooks add-on, we are showing you a program which shows Last Price Per Item Sold by Customer.



Last Price Per Item Sold by Customer is a QuickBooks Enterprise custom add-on developed by DL & associates! This program is designed to display the last price per item sold by customer. This add-on solution is perfect if your item prices vary by customer. There are many things you can do with this program, including easier editing of prices on sales orders and invoices, as well as viewing the last price the item was sold for. These features save time on data entry and price checking.

DLA has many more options for the creation of your custom Add-On.  For more information on the Add-Ons which will fill what’s missing, contact us!