"I had the pleasure to work with DL & Associates for the past few months as a client of them and all I can say it was an excellent experience. Mr. Lin and his team were always there for us when needed including out of business hours and always show a professional approach to all of our needs. If you are going to integrate a REVEL POS in your company, DON'T DO it alone, use this company. It will make your life easier."



"DL & Associates helped us implement QuickBooks Enterprise and set the software up on a cloud-based server. Our company was going through a transition and we needed to make a change in the software we were using. We were previously on Sage MAS90 and it was out-of-date, so we decided to start fresh. Now, QuickBooks Enterprise has become our go-to for everything! David was great with setting everything up for us and resolving any issues that came up within 24 hours."



"We used DL & Associates’ service to migrate our data from Macola software to QuickBooks Enterprise, additionally we received help implementing QuickBooks Enterprise. We were looking to make a change because Macola was not very user-friendly and it was difficult to make changes in setup. During our experience with DL & Associates, they were very easy to get a hold of to answer any questions that we had. They resolved our issues very quickly. We are very pleased with QuickBooks Enterprise. It has a more modern interface and allows for so much more customization!"



“We used DL & Associates service to transition all of our veterinary clinics to QuickBooks Enterprise, Intuit Payroll and TSheets. Previously, all of our clinics were running on separate bookkeeping and payroll systems. It was very time consuming to run payroll and keep track of bookkeeping for each individual clinic. My goal was to streamline the bookkeeping and payroll for all of our veterinary clinics. With these software solutions, ten to twelve hours per month of duplicating bookkeeping and payroll data entries are eliminated. Our business processes are more streamlined than ever before. The team at DL & Associates has been extremely helpful through this process. Their response times are very quick and they are able to help us with any questions or problems we have. We look forward to partnering with DL & Associates for future projects!”



“We were in the market for a Point of Sale system, and the two main factors in our search were compatibility with QuickBooks and ease of use. We are pleased to say that Revel Point of Sale excels in both of those areas. David was very helpful throughout the process of Revel’s implementation. Any time we had a question, he was able to help answer and troubleshoot with us. We had a great experience with DL & Associates and would recommend their service. “



“Prior to implementing Field Service Management, we tracked all of our jobs by paper. It was difficult to organize and not very convenient for our technicians. DL & Associates helped us get started with Field Service Management and sync it with QuickBooks Enterprise. Now, we have the ability to track our orders in real time. It’s very convenient to be able to see the progress of projects in real-time. The team at DL & Associates was very efficient in getting our questions answered, and they took the time to make sure our problems got resolved. DLA truly goes above and beyond!”