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DLA Implementation Process

DL & Associates provides expert implementation services supported by their 20 plus years in the industry. It’s through their unique experiences with diverse industries that allows DLA to be dynamic and well-seasoned. They’ve formulated a well-developed software implementation process that offers businesses a seamless data migration experience. By connecting with clients to gain a deeper understanding of their workflow processes and their individual software requirements, DLA can first offer the best solution to meet their professional needs.

Once the solution is established, DLA takes on the project to its completion. During this process DLA will connect with their client only for additional details as needed. Training on the new software is also included for a truly thorough implementation. A company’s human capital needs to be taken into consideration, when improving business effectiveness and efficiency. The staff is part of the process because they will be the ones who make the software and the company successful.

DLA is a full end-to- end solution provider that specializes in accommodating their client’s needs. The DLA Implementation Package covers its standard process, but will also include additional services per the client’s request. Due to the expert consultation DLA offers, clients utilize their time with DLA experts to the fullest!

Implementing a new software solution is a delicate process that should not be handled carelessly. DLA produces a quality service as part of their core company culture. Peace of mind supported by available experts is worth the company investment.

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  1. DLA Standard Implementation Process is a discounted software setup package when a client purchases their software from DL & Associates.
    This discounted packaged service includes training only for the selected staff the company chooses at the time of the agreement. This packaged service does not include training for a new staff member in place of trained staff or other staff members. DLA can offer additional staff training services outside the DLA Standard Implementation Process – packaged services. Reference time and material based services.
  2. Images and Catalog Upload are services separate from DLA standard package