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Implementation and Training

  • Substantially lower the chances of setting up something wrong by having QuickBooks experts set it up.
  • DL & Associates has over 20 years of experience in the QuickBooks implementation industry

Transfer your company’s current company data into QuickBooks.

We want to make the transition easier by transferring all your valuable company history into your new QuickBooks software and organizing it the way it needs to.

Train you and your employees how to use QuickBooks.

Learn how to use QuickBooks from the experts so you know how to utilize the potential of the system. We want you to be ready for the day you are completely transferred over.

Provide technical support as you continue to use QuickBooks.

We know questions will come up and issues happen. DLA has the tech support to solve any problems that come up and make sure you understand QuickBooks better.


  • Test how the data provided by your current software system will transfer over to QuickBooks.
    • We understand how you may already have information such as customer lists and order history. We want to ensure everything transfers over without any problems. Here is some more detail about Data Migration.
  • Give guidance as you become familiar with the QuickBooks software.
    • Depending on the QuickBooks software your company needs, we will show you all the procedures and capabilities.
  • Train your employees to use the QuickBooks software.
    • If your employees will be using a point of service (POS), we will train them as we would train you how to use it. Depending on what they need to use, they will be well versed in the software’s capabilities used within their position.
  • Provide you with the outcome of the most recent test outcome.
    • Before you go live, it is important to make sure everything is set up the way you need it so you’re ready to go.
  • Use the data in QuickBooks and finally go live.
    • Your business will now be fully transitioned to QuickBooks!
  • Provide you with support as questions arise.
    • It’s normal to have questions as you’re using your QuickBooks, even after you already went live. DLA is here to help you find a solution to any questions or issues you may have along the way.