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DLA Custom Revel Add-Ons and Reports

Revel Systems API allows access to any and all of the data available in the Revel Systems Management Console.  As a certified Revel Reseller for QuickBooks iPad Point of Sale, DL & Associates has the experience and ability to help you get the most out of Revel.  We can develop custom applications and reports that integrate with Revel’s powerful web API to enhance your usability of the Revel point of sale system.

Note: Revel custom applications will generally require a PC and a stable internet connection to function properly.

Invoices and Sales Orders with Pictures

This add-on for Revel Systems allows you to view and print reports for sales orders or invoices with a picture attached. Other information from Revel such as ship addresses and billing addresses can be imported into this report.

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Commissions Report

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This add-on for Revel Systems allows you to export commissions into Excel for reporting purposes.  You can customize the commission calculation to fit your needs to make paying out commissions easy!