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To a first-time user, the Revel POS system may seem a little intimidating. Here at DL & Associates, we want to make sure your transition into using Revel POS is as easy and stress-free as possible. From the beginning to when your Revel POS goes live and even beyond, DLA will be sure to provide our onboard service.


Our objectives of our onboard service are simple:

  • Set up the system so you can run the business. DLA’s trained professionals aim for nothing less than a job well-done, ensuring everything is working correctly. The Revel system can be very complex and we want to ensure everything is set up right the first time.
  • Possessing the capabilities to maintain the Revel system on your own after it goes live. We understand that not everything can be understood right away. There may be a technical question or confusion as to how a function works. If questions arise as you’re using your Revel POS, DLA will be there to help answer your questions and guide you to better understand a function.

To get you to these objectives, DLA will:

  • Meet with you onsite for hardware installation
  • Face to face Revel training with your employees that will be using it
  • Train the users with specific industry training
  • Work in progress backend management system training
  • Provide you with a dedicated application to onboard Revel system
  • Give you support from our engineer when you need it

To find out how DL & Associates can help you with your QuickBooks POS, powered by Revel system, call us or shoot us an e-mail and we will be happy to answer your questions! Contact us