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Intuit Checks and Supplies

Intuit produces a variety of checks that provide maximum security and are formatted to print directly from QuickBooks. Our team at DL & Associates can offer the best prices on these essential business items. Here are the different varieties that we offer:

Voucher Checks

 Automatically capture payroll deductions and invoice payment details

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Secure Plus Checks

 Intuit’s Secure Plus checks offer 27 different layers of protection to combat check fraud. Some features include chemically reactive paper that will reduce the ability to make check alterations, as well as including fluorescent fibers in the checks to make reproduction virtually impossible.

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Standard Checks

These checks are exclusively designed for QuickBooks to print according to format.

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Wallet Checks

 Wallet-sized checks with included check stubs.

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Office and Away Checks

 These versatile checks allow you to print in-office directly from QuickBooks or handwrite them.

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