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QuickBooks 2018 Is Finally Available!

QuickBooks 2018 is HERE!

Hooray! The long awaited QuickBooks 2018 has finally arrived! In this new upgrade that Quickbooks just released, there are many new features and some improved features as well.

For QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Accountant 2018, enjoy new features such as: a multi-monitor mode, a past due stamp on invoices, a cash/accrual toggle on reports, a secure webmail, a search feature for your chart of accounts, a keyboard shortcut for the copy/paste line, a pay liability reminder, and a feature to merge vendors.

As for QuickBooks Enterprise 2018, enjoy the new features from Quickbooks Pro, Premier, and Accountant 2018 along with exclusive features such as: a mobile inventory scanner, enhanced inventory reports, and improved sales order fulfillment.

quickbooks 2018

Keep reading for complete information on each feature from the QuickBooks 2018 release!


QuickBooks 2018 for Desktop: New Features for Pro, Premier, and Accountant

Multi-Monitor Mode

Purpose: This allows you to move windows across up to three monitors. You are now able to select the monitor you are working on and see messages associated with those windows.

Benefit: Your efficiency is now increased! You can access QuickBooks across multiple monitors by using the mouse or keyboard shortcuts.


Past Due Stamp on Invoices

Purpose: This is an automatic stamp reminder that displays on print and email invoices that are overdue.

Benefits: This serves as an automatic reminder for when your invoices are due.


Cash/Accrual Toggle

Purpose: This allows you to view cash-based and accrual-based accounting on per-report basis.

Benefits: Be more efficient and fast! Assess and manage business accounts by switching between cash and accrual views.


Secure Webmail

Purpose: This feature supports webmail providers (Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo) and sends emails through a secure channel.

Benefits: Save time! You no longer have to re-enter your passwords once the secure webmail is set up.


Search in Chart of Accounts

Purpose: You can now finally search for specific accounts within your chart of accounts.

Benefits: You can quickly find an account entry within a large chart of accounts.


Copy/Paste Line

Purpose: At last! You can now copy and paste lines in an invoice.

Benefits: This allows you to copy and paste items in an invoice more quickly because it is a keyboard based shortcut.


Pay Liability Reminder

Purpose: It is an automated reminder to alert you of taxes/liabilities that are due.

Benefits: Never be late again! The reminder alerts you 7 days prior to the deadline and is displayed on the home page instead of being hidden in the Payroll Center.


Merge Vendors

Purpose: Search, sort, and compare to easily identify vendors to be merged to “clean up” your vendors list. You can choose a master vendor and pick relevant information from other vendors.

Benefits: Easily identify duplicate vendors by providing relevant information to search and sort, which will save you time by allowing you to merge duplicate vendors effortlessly.


QuickBooks 2018 for Desktop: New Features Enterprise

Mobile Inventory Scanner

Purpose: Finally! Now your workers can use a mobile inventory scanner to better assess your inventory management.

Benefits: This allows you to send sales orders to your workers for them to scan inventory and to transfer data wirelessly. It works seamlessly with your QuickBooks to track the real-time status of your inventory movements to achieve order fulfillment. This feature also enables you to speed up your picking process for order fulfillment by eliminating the need for written pick lists. Which, in turn, will decrease the amount of data entry errors.


Enhanced Inventory Reports

Purpose: You can now add column customizations to Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Stock Status by Item, and Assembly Shortage by Item.

Benefits: Make business decisions more easily by customizing your reports to show the needed information regarding your inventory.


Improved Sales Order Management

Purpose: There is now one worksheet that organizes all relevant information needed for your order fulfillment process.

Benefits: All necessary information is in one place to provide you with the visibility to pick, pack, or ship the status of your sales orders. This feature also includes the availability to do this across all your warehouses. Also, you can now create pick lists for your inventory and send information to your mobile inventory scanner paired with QuickBooks.


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