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QuickBooks Online Intercompany Transaction App

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An Intercompany transaction is known as a transaction between affiliated companies (i.e., a parent company and one of its subsidiaries or a parent’s subsidiaries).

Our Intercompany transaction app is directly integrated with QuickBooks Online. With this application, the user doesn’t have to login every time into QuickBooks Online when they have to add a company. This application will allow users to have full transparency and accuracy of multiple transactions posted.

Integrated with all versions of QuickBooks Online.

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QuickBooks Online The Last Price of Item Sold Per Customer App

The last price of Item sold per Customer

This custom app allows the editing of prices on invoices to be more functional by linking a specific customer to the last price that customer has paid for a specific item.

Who will Benefit?

  1. Businesses who have flexible pricing.
  2. Businesses who have the need to set up different price levels based on their sales history of the customer.
  3. Businesses who want to retrieve the correct pricing for a specific customer from the past

Integrated with all versions of QuickBooks Online.

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