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Do I Have A QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption?

QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption: Causes & Repair 

Causes of A QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption

There are many factors that can bring up the question of a QuickBooks Enterprise data corruption. Keeping a close eye to the size of the file is a major factor in corruption prevention. Though larger company files do not always become corrupted, there is a greater risk. Each version of QuickBooks has their limits. QuickBooks Pro and Premier is about 500 MB and QuickBooks Enterprise is about 1GB or larger. It is important for the company’s IT solutions to monitor the size of the company file and keep it as maintained as possible. Do not use a QuickBooks condensing tool. This tool was not only created for a “bandage over a wound” fix. You will end up spending more time and money on condensing your file, and twice as much for fixing to back up the file.  If you are in the first stages of a data corruption, you will start to experience a couple of hiccups within the system. The most common is getting booted out of QuickBooks more often. You can run a QuickBooks data file repair on where the QuickBooks data file is stored (in the server). If you run the QuickBooks data repair other than where the QuickBooks data file is stored, it will not work. Consult with your IT team before moving forward.

Understanding A QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption

What needs to be understood is that moving to the cloud does not solve a data corruption once this problem has occurred. Migrating a corrupted company data file will only bring more trouble and time wasted if trying to migrate to the cloud version. QuickBooks Enterprise with Hosting will take this problem away, if the data file is healthy. If the QuickBooks data file repair has been ran and your QuickBooks company file is non-repairable, there are a few steps that need to be taken to fix this issue.

  1. Do not continue to use the corrupted company file (QuickBooks will start booting users out more frequently, balance sheets of the reports will become unbalanced, invoices and bills will start to inherit unreadable characters). Your server environment must be reviewed and analyzed. Each version has system requirements that need to be met before moving forward.
  2. A new QuickBooks Enterprise company file must be created. For more information, please review our new company file implementation.

How to Repair A QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption

Step 1. Resort the lists in the file. Use the “Resort List” selection in the list menu to resort the lists.

Step 2. Rebuild the File. Select the File menu, select Utilities and then select “Rebuild Data”.

Step 3. Create a Portable Company File and then restore the Portable Company File. This process reindexes the database and is one of the most effective ways to reduce database fragments.

Step 4. Run the Windows Fragmentation utility on the drive on which the QuickBooks data file is stored (e.g. the server)

Reduce the Risk of A QuickBooks Enterprise Data Corruption

We have already discussed the risk of having a large data file. The risk escalates quickly once the file size reaches its capacity. Do not use any wireless network to log into the QuickBooks data file. The QuickBooks data file is extremely sensitive to unexpected disconnections. Wireless connections have a greater risk of connection interruptions than connections that use Ethernet cables. Consider this to be your “arch nemesis” to your QuickBooks data file. It is also very important to have general network maintenance and server requirements when installing QuickBooks. Every few years, your server should be updated with the proper requirements. (This is a major reason many QuickBooks Enterprise clients migrate to the cloud).

Requirements for QuickBooks:

QuickBooks Pro

QuickBooks Premier

QuickBooks Enterprise

Hosting Services for QuickBooks

There are so many types of data file corruptions and even more ways on how to repair a corrupted data company file. Many companies who come across this issue prefer to host their QuickBooks with hosting services and do not want the recurring IT costs associated with setting up and maintaining their own server. This also eliminates the data file to become corrupted within the server based environment. Right Networks is the highest reputed hosting company partnered with QuickBooks. For more Info, contact a QuickBooks Consultant at DL & Associates, LLC.