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QuickBooks Online Sale Bundles Feature!

QuickBooks Online Sale Bundles Feature

Update to the newest version so you can start using QuickBooks Online Sale Bundles

QuickBooks Online Sale Bundles makes accounting convenient and easy for all businesses. Using the Sale Bundles feature, group items you often sell together into bundles so you can easily add multiple items to transactions and then track and sell them into your QuickBooks. This update has just became available recently for QuickBooks Online!

Main takeaways from QuickBooks Online newest feature:

  • Bundles can have up to 50 items.
  • There is no additional markup or change in price for bundles.
  • Bundles are not assemblies.
  • The price of a bundle equals the total price of all of its items.
  • You cannot track the quantity on hand for bundles.

Contact us to start using this great feature on your own QuickBooks Online!