Using QuickBooks IFSM Benefits for HVAC Businesses

Using QuickBooks IFSM Overview

Intuit Field Service Management provides you with real-time updates from the field, efficient job scheduling, and on-the-spot invoicing. It delivers immediate information on work orders and technician schedules, while seamlessly connecting your office and service technicians. This, in turn, will allow you to schedule more jobs and get paid even faster.

Using QuickBooks IFSM Benefits

  • Save time by work recorded in the field with automatic sync to QuickBooks
  • Improve cash flow by processing payments in the field
  • Payments are automatically associated with the invoice in QuickBooks
  • Track inventory though Advanced Inventory integration when using QuickBooks Enterprise
  • Inventory placed on an invoice is reduced in the invoice synchronization process so there is no need to reconcile
  • Active customer list and item list will automatically sync into Intuit Field Service Management from QuickBooks
  • When new customers, invoices, or time cards are recorded into Intuit Field Service Management, they will automatically sync into QuickBooks
  • Sales orders and invoices created inside QuickBooks will never appear in Intuit Field Service Management
  • Payments taken within Intuit Field Service Management will sync automatically with the Intuit Field Service Management invoice into your QuickBooks

DL & Associates Are Your IFSM Local Expert

DL & Associates are certified as an Intuit Field Service Management Local Expert. With being a qualified specialist in Field Service Management, we are able to provide you with product knowledge, customer implementations, and administer customer training for office and field technicians. Contact us at (888) 316 – 6672 or to start using Intuit Field Service Management with your QuickBooks today!