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New QuickBooks Enterprise 2018

New QuickBooks Enterprise 2018

New QuickBooks Enterprise 2018: Introducing the Newest Update

You are now finally able to send picklists to your workers on the floor wirelessly! The recently released new QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 includes the ability to send inventory lists to an Android barcode scanner or mobile device to aid in picking the items ordered for shipment. This will altogether speed up the picking process and reduce paperwork and data entry errors.

To use this, you would send a picklist to a mobile inventory scanner with an assigned picker. From there, you would get automatic status updates and be able to track your inventory in real time. How much more convenient is that?

new quickbooks enterprise 2018There are two different devices you could use to complete this task. The first possible device is to use an Android phone, or you can use an MC40 Barcode Scanner.

In order to use this new inventory feature, you must have the QuickBooks Desktop Warehouse app. The app can be installed on either an MC40 Barcode Scanner or on some Android phones. Android version 4.4 or later is required to run the Warehouse Manager App. When installed on the barcode scanner, the app can receive picklists, scan barcode to match items in the picklists, and send updated picklists back to Enterprise Solutions. When installed on an Android phone, the app can do all of the above but cannot scan barcodes.

To say the least, this new feature in QuickBooks Enterprise 2018 will make all manufacturing and wholesale businesses smile with joy.