Tracking Technicians with Intuit Field Service Management

With Intuit Field Service Management, you are always able to have a bird’s eye view over your team. Always know where your team is and what job they are doing, all without having to constantly hover over them.

Since you have the ability to see where your technicians are at any given time, you are better suited to dispatch work orders to the most optimal technician in real-time. Intuit Field Service Management allows you to view technicians that are busy, that are available for work orders, and that are equipped with the necessary skills for the job. All of this will lead to a quick response time to service and repair calls, which is essential for customer satisfaction.

Using Intuit Field Service Management’s App

There are two different methods within your Intuit Field Service Management app to view where your technicians are. The first, and most common method, is using action-based GPS location of a field technician. After a change is made to a work order, the technician’s location is shown in three different places within the Intuit Field Service Management app: the Dispatch Board, the Smart Scheduling screen on the map tab, and on the People Detail screen. All three different places of viewing show you where your technician was when an action took place during a work order. To show that your technician was at the customer site when the action took place, the “start and complete” GPS dots will appear on top of the customer’s address. If no dots appear, then your technician was somewhere else when the action took place during a work order.

The second method is using time-based GPS tracking of a field technician. The Intuit Field Service Management app tracks your technicians throughout the day, based on your settings. On Andriod smart phones and tablets, time-based GPS tracking will always work (if the app is open/closed, if the device is locked, etc.). On Apple devices, Settings on the mobile device can control how the GPS is updated.

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